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Mal and Jeanette have been married since 1970. During their years together they have made their home in California, northern Oregon and now in southern Oregon. Mal is a retired Industrial Arts/Technology Teacher and Jeanette is a retired Seamstress and Sewing Instructor. Looking back over more than 4 decades, three experiences stand out above the rest. First, the birth of their three, now grown, children: Ken, who resides near them; Christine in Colorado; and Becky (living with her husband in Texas), who has made them the proud grandparents of two active, growing boys. The second experience centered around Mal's love for traveling, which was fulfilled when they toured the United States with their teenagers in a motor home for a year. And last, but not least, Jeanette's dream was fulfilled the summer of their thirtieth wedding anniversary with a trip to Israel. During the last forty plus years they have ministered in the areas of discipleship, mentoring, pastoral counseling, marriage coaching, healing prayer, and deliverance. Mal still substitutes in the local high schools and seems to take the daily challenges in stride. He enjoys speaking encouragement into the teachers and students lives. He does carry "pearls" of wisdom. Jeanette is moving in the area of writing and self publishing. She has written two Mini-manuals under the heading of "Principles for Living" (A Biblical Perspective). The first explores the subject, which is the passion of her heart, TITHES AND OFFERINGS. The second manual's title is TRANSFORMATION.